CAC Inc. has a facility located in Lake Forrest, CA that manufactures bonded copper and aluminum laminate. 

The aluminum arrives in rolls and is unwound and feed into the machine by an un-winder. The aluminum is then leveled and cleaned. Glue is applied to the Aluminum on either top only or both sides of the aluminum. Copper foil is then applied to the surface with the glue.  The aluminum/copper laminate then enters the press section where a series of holes are punched through the aluminum/copper laminate. The aluminum/copper laminate is then cut to length. 

CAC determined that existing control system was inadequate, and Enterprise Automation was contracted to retrofit the control system for two lines in the Lake Forrest facility.


The first line to be retrofitted was Line #2. Enterprise Automation recreated the program for the copper un-winders, glue application, pressing, and shearing with Phoenix Contact Think & Do. This included rewiring existing I/O into AutomationDirect Ethernet I/O, and integration to a Galil Servo Controller. CitectSCADA was used as a control system interface and batch reporting system. The next line to be retrofitted was Line #3.

Enterprise Automation was able to adapt the Think & Do program generated for Line #2 with the additions of aluminum un-winder and leveler control. The existing Siemens S7 I/O was reused and existing Siemens S5 I/O, in the un-winder and leveler, was replaced with modern S7 I/O. The Siemens S7 I/O was connected to the Think & Do via Profibus. The obsolete Galil ISA card was replaced with a more modern PCI controller card. The CitectSCADA system from Line #2 was adapted to meet the needs of Line #3 new control system.


Each system consisted a PC running Think & Do, a Galil servo control , and a CitectSCADA Server. Line #2 utilized an Ethernet based Galil Servo Controller and AutomationDirect Ethernet I/O modules. A CitectSCADA client was also deployed on Line #2. Line #3 used Profibus I/O modules and a PCI Galil Servo Controller. The system contained multi-axis servo system, reports, and alarms.