New Tank Fill Control Strategies for Sweetwater Authority Distribution System

Enterprise Automation will be integrating revised equipment and control strategies for the Judson Tank and Oxford booster pump stations for Sweetwater Authority’s distribution SCADA system. The revised system will provide Sweetwater several new automated control strategies for managing level in Judson tank, including: PID fill process with system pressure drop limit, operator initiated top-off, and two emergency modes for instant response to sudden changes in system pressure or tank chlorination.

The project requires modifications to the automation platforms at three remote sites, which are connected via Modbus RTU for SCADA communications via radio. The local PLC and OIT for each site will be revised, along with the SCADA HMI and Historian at operations.

Technologies include: Modicon Momentum PLCS programmed with Concept function block, Magelis OITs programmed with Vijeo designer, CitectSCADA v7.2 SCADA (HMI) software, and Vijeo Historian.