LaShell Mingo Celebrates 5 years at Enterprise Automation

Congratulations LaShell!

LaShell Mingo joined Enterprise Automation in February 2013 and has been making strides within the company ever since. When LaShell started at EA her primary responsibilities were greetings, snacks, and answering phones. As time progressed, she quickly showed the company that she was capable of much more.

Today LaShell is head of Enterprise Automation’s Administration and Human Resources department; managing the company vendors, on-boarding, travel, building maintenance, and much more. She has helped EA develop a brand that values the importance of work and play, ensuring a stress-free environment for both employees and fellow management.

Each year LaShell has managed to put on an astounding Family Company Picnic and Holiday Dinner, allowing employees to get to know one another as more than just a”co-worker”. She embodies EA’s core values, ensuring the team is set up for success. It is rare to find a leader of this caliber and we couldn’t be more proud to have her as part of the team. Congratulations on a successful five years at EA LaShell. We are excited to see where your career continues to lead you.