Jasmine Panosian; Junior Engineer to Project Engineer

Congratulations Jasmine!

Enterprise Automation’s, Jasmine Panosian, has been officially promoted from Junior Engineer to Project Engineer. This promotion signifies Jasmine’s mastery of the skills required to be a leader and key contributor to EA’s engineering team. The promotional path from Junior to Project Engineer requires a candidate to complete several key project milestones while meeting all of EA’s core values.

Jasmine has become one of EA’s top up-and-coming leaders after taking the Project Technical Lead role on several City of Fresno projects. Her dedication to excellence and confidence in front of clients has made her a valuable asset to our team.

Other accolades include:

  • Becoming a Certified Wonderware Application Developer
  • Becoming a Certified Wonderware Historian Server Application Developer
  • Earning her Vijeo Citect Certified Professional (VCCP) certificate from Schneider Electric


When asked about the path to this milestone, here is what Jasmine had to say:

“…our solutions for our customers must integrate within a network of other systems; the execution of this takes grace, planning, and anticipating multiple scenarios.  EA has taught me that our commitment to methodologies in approaching a project or individual task, is what makes this execution successful. Because of this, I am proud to be an EA project engineer.”

Congratulations Jasmine, we can’t wait to see what your EA career holds next!