EA Welcomes Three New Hires

Welcome to EA !

Bryce Williamson (left), Matt Price (middle), Kelvin Lee (right)

After an exhaustive 6-month search with over 100 candidates from some of California’s most prestigious schools, such as UCI, UCLA, USC, and UCSD, EA is proud to welcome Bryce Williamson, Matt Price, and Kelvin Lee as the  Enterprise Automation University (EAU) Class of  2018.

During the first five weeks, these engineers will undergo intensive training and testing, designed to teach the techniques, tools, and approach that has made EA one of the elite system integrators in the country.

Above all, each engineer must demonstrate these learned abilities to prove they can lead a successful career here at EA. Welcome to the team Bryce, Matt, and Kelvin and best of luck towards your success at Enterprise Automation!