EA University Graduation, 2014 Class 1! – Announcing Team “SCANS”

Scott Hoops, Carlos Penner, Adrian Leon, Nathaniel Hansen, and Stephen Chu (“SCANS”) completed EA University with flying colors.

EA University is a 4-week internal training program. The team builds an automation platform for a functioning mock-scale water reservoir with pumping and PID control strategies. EA University is focused on our unique quality-based company culture and precise engineering process, on the backdrop of training for the technologies we use. EA University works like a real SCADA project, including project accounting and all major project phases (site inspection, design, testing, FAT, startup, etc.)

The team proved the power of using peer review in all facets of control system design – finishing EA’s rigorous testing process in half the estimated time with no significant errors. We thank team SCANS their embrace of and dedication to EA’s engineering methodologies.

This was the second class since inauguration class, this class included addition of a project management module.