EA takes on the 2018 OC Spartan Sprint

Enterprise Automation sponsors their employees in taking on the 2018 OC Spartan Sprint

If you’ve been keeping up with EA’s recent posts, you’re well aware that EA has chosen to sponsor their employees in this year’s OC Spartan Sprint. Well, the “EA Avengers” raced, they soared, and they conquered. For those who are not familiar with the Spartan Race, this is no ordinary race as it pushes you beyond your most challenging limits. Thankfully, EA provided their employees with months of professional training to ensure their team was safe and competition ready!

The race consisted of 27 different obstacles over a five-mile course. Each obstacle varied between hopping walls, carrying weighted buckets, climbing ropes, army crawling beneath barbed wire, swimming through mud, and much more. In addition to this high level of difficulty, the team was forced to face the daunting weather of high heat and exuberant winds. This was still no match for the Avengers as the majority of the team crossed the finish line within the top 10%-30% of finishers.

Great job “EA Avengers”, as they called themselves. Keep training hard and we can’t wait to see how well you all do next year!