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EA Runs Castaic Lake Spartan Sprint

The Spartan Race Series combines cross country running with periodic challenges and obstacles that require full body strength and endurance. Delivered in primarily 5 distance formats covering 5k to 50k, the Spartan race series is the ultimate test of athleticism and team work. Each year, as part of our goal to promote a healthy and active company culture, EA sponsors a race event where all company employees are encouraged to participate, either as race entries or spectators cheering on the rest of the team.This year we chose the LA Sprint Weekend in Castaic Lake, which featured 4 miles of tough terrain, 2000 feet of elevation, and 22 obstacles along the course (not to mention ample amounts of mud!). In addition, in the 6 months leading up to the race EA provided initial functional movement and InBody physical assessments, followed by customized training for each employee to help them properly prepare to enjoy race day and conquer the various obstacles. EA also utilized our own in house training area to provide personal training sessions twice each week leading up to the race.Our fastest finisher was Derrick Malcolm with a time of 1 hr. and 16 mins. In the end everyone finished and had a great time. Family members were also invited to participate making the event even more fun.Till next time…