EA Begins Their 2018-2019 Career Fair Tour

Come chat with us!

Calling all Engineer Grads

Enterprise Automation is coming to a University near you to discuss automation and career opportunities. If you like applied technology, systems building, seeing the big picture, working in teams, all while doing work that benefits society, Enterprise Automation is the company for you. Finding a career path that best fits you can be challenging. Here at EA we have developed a comprehensive interview process to learn who you are, as well as how you like to work. In turn this also allows you to get to know us. As a result, you will have the confidence you need in making the right decision to start your career. Above all we hire for cultural match and teach the technical skills of the industry, thus, no experience is necessary.


What do we do at Enterprise Automation?

Put simply, we are the neurosurgeons of industrial processes/facilities, bringing them to life through technology and control. Our engineers’ design and develop the “brains” (i.e. control panels, networks, programming) of major industrial facilities, such as water treatment plants and distribution systems. This allows people like you and me to have the luxury of safe water. Working on such mission-critical industrial processes requires problem-solving, disciplined engineering methods, and technical skill with control technologies. Because of this, we provide five fully paid weeks of dedicated training from experienced staff in our EA University program. We ensure each new team member has the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in their first project in order to start their career off right!

“Nothing leaves Enterprise untested,” that’s our motto. This summarizes our culture and our people who consistently deliver top of the line solutions and world-class startups. If you want to build control systems and constantly be challenged to grow, come to meet our engineers at your school’s career fair! We’ll be at UCI, UCSD, UCLA, and Cal Poly Pomona this fall.


(For more information on career fair dates click here and for career opportunity details please click here.)