Alex Coker completes DHS ICS Cybersecurity Course

Congratulations Alex!

Alex Coker, a Project Engineer at EA, successfully completed the Department of Homeland Security’s highest-level of technical ICS cyber security training. The five-day technical training course took place in Idaho Falls, Idaho with attendees nationwide. This course provided a hands-on look into the world of control system cyber security and focused on three core topics: identifying vulnerabilities, learning how those vulnerabilities may be exploited, and learning defensive and mitigation strategies for industrial control system networks. A mixture of classroom lecture and hands-on lab work, the course utilized team exercises to demonstrate how to use network defense techniques to ward off live attacks. In this scenario, participants had to protect their assets from an opposing team in a simulated chemical production plant with PLCs and HMI.

Alex had a great time and is already reflecting on his training as he works on and within the complex networks that we design and implement. Moving forward, this training will help us better protect our clients’ assets through world-class industry standards and best practices.