Chris Schleich reaches his 10yr Anniversary with Enterprise Automation

After 10 years of hard work and dedication, Chris Schleich has surpassed his 10 year anniversary at Enterprise Automation. Chris first began working at Enterprise Automation in August 2007 with a zealous desire to learn automation system technologies. After spending a substantial amount of hours self-learning and dedication to the engineering craft, Chris was promoted to Project Engineer in 2009. With his exceptional organizational skills and fervent focus on managing risk, the management team developed a 2-year fast track program for Chris to take on the position of Project Manager. It was to no surprise, Chirs excelled in this program and assumed a Project Management position in 2011. He quickly became known for successfully managing numerous projects simultaneously, while also having the rare talent of turning challenging clients into raving fans. In 2015 Enterprise Automation had the pleasure of entrusting Chris but yet again with a new position as Engineering Manager. To this day, Chris continues to shine in this position as he actively seeks to receive coaching in order to help him break down limitations and ingrain new lessons. With this level of commitment and consistency, he has led to a copious number of successful contributions for EA including but not limited to:

  • A clearly developed set of promotional guidelines for Junior Engineers
  • The implementation of Engineering Staff meetings to drive the company’s objectives forward
  • What Enterprise Automation now calls the “Master’s Speaker Series” (an internal public speaking and training opportunity for the engineering staff)
  • A revised and enhanced employee performance review system
  • The creation of One-on-One meetings to mentor select engineers that have shown characteristics of being future leaders
  • Chris fulfills the role of being our cultural ambassador to uphold the company’s core

This level of growth and success has the executive team talking:

“As a growing company, the question now being contemplated is: ‘What is Chris’s next leadership role within the company?’ It is a great challenge for us to face!” – Scott Pickford, Principal

“The time Chris has put into the performance reviews, the Engineering team meetings, process and structure, and safety is truly impressive. These things have been primarily driven by Chis himself. They have not been demanded by Scott or myself. They are all things Chris has driven forward in order to make the Enterprise Automation a high-performance team.” – Josh Riley, Principal

It is clear to see the tremendous impact Chris has had on the growth of the EA company and its employees. Enterprise Automation could not be more grateful.

Congratulations Chris, and cheers to the many leadership opportunities that shall follow.