Enterprise Automation is coming to a University near you!

  Calling all Engineer Grads! Enterprise Automation is coming to a University near you to discuss a life-changing career opportunity coming Summer 2018. If you are looking for a career that makes an impact in our society, is full of talented employees that are as strong as you, and is considered one of the best in their […]

Chris Schleich reaches his 10yr Anniversary with Enterprise Automation

After 10 years of hard work and dedication, Chris Schleich has surpassed his 10 year anniversary at Enterprise Automation. Chris first began working at Enterprise Automation in August 2007 with a zealous desire to learn automation system technologies. After spending a substantial amount of hours self-learning and dedication to the engineering craft, Chris was promoted […]

Derrick Malcolm 15 Years at EA!

“I’m proud to have reached the 15 year mark at Enterprise Automation. I have been fortunate to work with great engineers, great customers, and been a part of great projects over the years.” In celebration, EA has renewed their sponsorship program with malcolm-racing to bring back the Enterprise Automation/malcolm-racing race team for 2016. Please check […]

EA University Graduation 2015! Announcing Team “Brown Baggers”

In 2015, Alex Stipe, Bingen Cortazar, Jasmine Panosian, Stephen McKinley, and Zack Gentry formed EA University’s fourth graduating class. This class was the first to use the Schneider Electric M340 PLC product line and Vijeo Citect HMI. These products are frequently found in control system foundations for real world applications like water treatment plants, mining […]

EA University Graduation, 2014 Class 2!

Alex Coker and Neil Nguyen are EA’s third graduating class form EA University. This was EA’s smallest class to date, which did not change the University’s dedication to complete the full curriculum. The team was notable for their work efficiency, straightforward operator interface design, and lack of a team nickname.

EA University Graduation, 2014 Class 1! – Announcing Team “SCANS”

Scott Hoops, Carlos Penner, Adrian Leon, Nathaniel Hansen, and Stephen Chu (“SCANS”) completed EA University with flying colors. EA University is a 4-week internal training program. The team builds an automation platform for a functioning mock-scale water reservoir with pumping and PID control strategies. EA University is focused on our unique quality-based company culture and […]

Cal Poly Pomona Graduates Join Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation is proud to announce the addition of Derek Sorenson (EE), Enrique Jimenez (ME), James Parsons (ME) , and Zack Cox (ChemE) to the engineering team as junior engineers. They were recruited from EA’s spring efforts on campus at Cal Poly Pomona.. Welcome to the team!

EA University Inaugural Class Graduation! – Announcing “Four Directions”

Derek Sorenson, Enrique Jimenez, James Parsons, and Zack Cox (the self named “Four Directions”) were the inaugural class for EA University, our new comprehensive four week employee training program. The training is intensive, highly technical, and hand’s on – representing a full cycle control system project from design to startup with real deliverables. Training modules […]

LaShell Mingo joins Enterprise Automation

LaShell “Michelle” Mingo has joined Enterprise Automation as Administrative Assistant, our first new hire for the administrative department. LaShell has a proven track record of attention to detail, logistics management, an eye for facility/residential design, and a seemingly permanent smile. LaShell’s wide range of experience includes: manager and district trainer for a large grocery company, […]

Janet Campoverde Joins Enterprise Automation

Our emerging growth requires a leader to build the foundation of our administrative department, which has been achieved with the addition of Janet Campoverde as Operations Manager. Janet will lay the foundation for the administration department, including new processes and procedures for administration, payroll, benefits, recruitment, facility expansion, among many more critical activities. Janet is […]