EAU: Enterprise Automation University

At Enterprise Automation, we make new employee training a priority, devoting five weeks to the technical and cultural onboarding process. Last week, we wrapped up a successful 2020 session of Enterprise Automation University, EAU for short.  During this five-week orientation, new engineers at EA learn about the technical skills and project processes that are driven […]

EA Hosts Remote Company Activities During Quarantine

Although we’re stuck at home, EA still knows how to have a good time, with great company. EA’s team has always been a close knit group. We know each others’ families, share common hobbies, and enjoy spending time together outside of work. One of the key reasons is our monthly Activity Fund events. In the […]

EA Runs Castaic Lake Spartan Sprint

The Spartan Race Series combines cross country running with periodic challenges and obstacles that require full body strength and endurance. Delivered in primarily 5 distance formats covering 5k to 50k, the Spartan race series is the ultimate test of athleticism and team work. Each year, as part of our goal to promote a healthy and […]

EA Ugly Sweater Party

EA celebrated the holidays in style this year! For 2019, EA’s annual Ugly Sweater and Holiday Party was filled with fun, food, friends, and even a surprise guest appearance from Santa! We stuffed ourselves with too much candy, swapped Secret Santa gifts, and competed in a gingerbread house making competition. All this the evening before […]

Enterprise Automation Treats their Team to K1 Racing

EA Hits the Race Tracks Enterprise automation treated the team to an evening of fun at K1 Speed. This annual event has consistently served as a celebration of our talented newcomers that successfully graduate EAU. EAU is extremely competitive and stakes are high when it comes to successfully completing the training. What better way to kick […]

Enterprise Automation’s 2018 Family Company Picnic

EA Celebrates Their 6th Annual Family Company Picnic On Saturday, August 25th, Enterprise Automation hosted their 6th annual family company picnic to show appreciation for all staff, friends, and family. This picnic was the largest picnic we have seen yet and we only hope it gets larger. This year’s theme was “Dr.Seuss”. There were giant games, […]

EA Goes Head-to-Head in Paintball

EA teamed up to take on their first ever Paintball Battle Friday, June 22nd, Enterprise Automation took their team on their very first Paintball Activity Fund. They went to one of the nations largest paintball arenas in the country, Hollywood Sports Park. After learning the safety rules, the team split into two groups and played […]

EA steps into the world of Arrow Tag

Enterprise Automation uses monthly Activity Fund to go head-to-head in Arrow Tag Each month Enterprise Automation provides its employees with an Activity Fund to use toward an outing of their choosing, so long as the entire team has the opportunity to join in on the fun. This month the team thought outside of the box […]

EA takes on the 2018 OC Spartan Sprint

Enterprise Automation sponsors their employees in taking on the 2018 OC Spartan Sprint If you’ve been keeping up with EA’s recent posts, you’re well aware that EA has chosen to sponsor their employees in this year’s OC Spartan Sprint. Well, the “EA Avengers” raced, they soared, and they conquered. For those who are not familiar […]

EA Sponsors their first SoCal Spartan Sprint Race

EA to take on the first Spartan Race of the year “Aroo!” as the Spartan Racers say. Enterprise Automation is training to take on their first team Spartan Race. What is a Spartan Race, one might ask? The Spartan Race consists of three main race types: the Sprint, the Super, and the Beast. Each race ranging […]