Alex Coker Earns Professional Engineer License

As of August 2019 Alex Coker is a State of California registered Controls Professional Engineer (PE), a goal of his since college. Alex dedicated nights and weekends to learn the material, take practice tests, and help several peers learn the exam material. Topics include instrument selection, safety systems, process control, international automation standards, to name a few.

Per the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES):

Professional licensure protects the public by enforcing standards that restrict practice to qualified individuals who have met specific qualifications in education, work experience, and exams.

Alex is a Chemical Engineer by degree with lifelong interests in technology, he has proven this to be an ideal background for industrial automation. In 5 years with Enterprise Automation Alex has contributed to producing safe drinking water in multiple CA cities, sterilizing millions of IV bags, generating green electricity, nurturing CA’s agriculture fields, treating waste for hundreds of thousands of people on the coast, protecting the LA water basin that serves 4 million, providing cities with emergency operation centers, and implementing industry-leading cybersecurity strategies to protect these critical systems.