2018 EA University, Smashing Success – 3 Trained Automation Engineers

EA produces world class automation talent by finding the best engineers and teaching them automation skills. EA University is five weeks of paid training. Skills include: writing process control narratives, electrical design, PLC programming, GUI development, networking, computers, quality control, self awareness, and personal leadership. After 2 weeks of instruction the team creates their own functioning control system with EA engineering methodology.

In August 2018 Bryce (BSME), Kelvin (BSEE), Matt (BSChE) completed EA University. The control system was based on a Schneider Electric M340 PLC, Citect HMI, with ModbusTCP networking protocol. The final system acceptance test was a smashing success with the client finding zero quality issues. This was not accidental. These three found and fixed the bugs through quality control and process testing procedures.

Their innate desire to organize, plan, and work together was the key. They each proved a natural fit with EA culture. This was our 7th and most successful class to date.

Welcome to the industry, you are needed professionals.

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